Cold winter morning

Car thermometer showed -10 degrees celsius inside garage and -21 degrees celsius when I just went out of the garage this morning. I'm afraid the winter has started :(

Salon installation (Updated 2015-01-06)

It became usual for me to start my Christmas week by doing some kind of reconstruction at home. I remember, four or five years ago, on 24-th of December, at around 11PM, I was assembling and installing shower cabin in the bathroom, last year at around Christmas or maybe New Year time, I was sticking tiles to the future sauna area at the basement.

This year winter holidays are going to be no different than before, I'm going to start working on my salon, or in other words the sitting-room installation.


I noticed myself that sometimes it is hard to keep old photos safe, even if they are in electronic format, files get lost, drivers formatted and you do not know where the photos are. Maybe this could be the case to start saving my biography of motorcycles online.

Far away in Sweden

Today is the day when I'm finally leaving my corner of safety and moving abroad.. at least for a while, till I learn and get ready to accomplish daily tasks which I will soon have to do at work.
Sweden is its name, the name of country in which I will spend a few months with some short breaks. I wont write much about my work here, but I'll try to update this post with new experience and feelings which I get there in Sweden, so cross your fingers, wish me a good flight and don't forget to come back very soon.

Planting grass in wonderland

As it is the last days of me being on earth being at home before I leave to foreign country for the trainings of my new work, I needed to do the grass planting. It was also the last huge work to be done for this summer which actually ended yesterday. So today, 1st of September, when thousands of kids go to school, me and my bro were planting the grass in our yard.

Mountfield 10/30 lawn mower (In process)

Today we adopted a new child, about ten year old Mountfield 10/30 lawn mower came into our family. Here are a few pictures for the beginning, a more detailed review and improvement story will be posted later, when the job is finished, because it still has some things to do to get it in a good shape and ready for the work.




Productive weekends #4

Pipes installation under the ground

As I have just became unemployed for a week, I got some time to do work at my homestead. As I wrote in my previous posts, we have already done territory leveling, perimeter fencing works, so the next one should be grass planting, but before that we needed to install pipes under the ground so we would not need to do it later, when the grass becomes a nice and green lawn.

Perimeter fencing

After the territory leveling was completed, we were now able to install fence over the perimeter of our territory. The moment which I was really waiting for has finally came.It was not a hard decision while choosing which type of fence, a hard one, or a netted one to install because we already had a net, which was bought about eight to ten years ago, but didn't yet had chance to be used.

Territory leveling

Lets start this post with a statement that I hate bad weather. I hate when it's cold outside, I hate when it's dark but most of all I hate when it is RAINY, especially this days..
Quite for long time I was willing that one day I will have a chance to get my territory leveled, so no hills, no pits and no any other defects which I always notice while mowing the grass will be left. The time has come, this week I got the leveling done, but that was not as easy as it looks like.

Productive weekends #2

Productive weekends #1

Sauna and laundry room at the basement (In process)

We've decided to keep away from local standards and move all the laundry stuff out of bathroom to the special laundry place in the basement. But designating about 24 square meters of space only for laundry would be a total waste of space, so together with it we are building a sauna room with a small shower and a cozy corner to cool down after sauna while talking with friends at the table.

Firewood preparation for central heating (Old but Gold)

Having good friends is GREAT! I believe that that's the best phrase to describe this post. Last year I've had some family issues which caused a loss of all my freetime and holidays, so I asked my friends for help with the firewood.
It was the very beginning of September, and most of my friends were going to start school these days, so it was the last weekend and last chance to get some help. We agreed that all of us will gather on specific day at the very morning. To prepare for that day, I bought a few more axes, borrowed a second wheelbarrow from one of my friends, bought some food and meat to prepare snacks and lunch and waited for the day to come.

In a name of the law

It was more than seven years since I was last time fined by a road police officer. Today was the day, when it finally happened! I was commuting home from work at a normal (at least for me) speed, I knew the places where the police usually stealth chases speeding drivers so I felt safe, but later almost at the border of the end of borough I spotted a police car driving opposite direction towards me. I was sure that they cannot measure my speed from a driving car, but that's an absolute lie.. they CAN and they DO. As I was later told, and you can also see on the paper down there, that I was driving a little bit faster than it is allowed at that specific area.

What did I learn from this situation ?
  • Never go faster than you're allowed if you can see a police car anywhere in your view are, even if it looks that they're not on the hunt.
  • Keep driving, even if you see them turning around towards you on your back view mirror, the miracle could happen and maybe you will be fast enough to find gardens or other are with lots of small roads and houses, you can drive in circles there (you're not running from police in this case because you did not yet know that they're chasing you. You haven't heard or seen a siren yet).
  • Have some cash always with you, maybe you will be able to pay on the spot.
  • Ride a Suzuki Hayabusa instead of 125cc scooter, I bet noone will even bother to try to chase you.
P.S. All this story is a complete lie. No, really! Never drive faster than you're allowed and always drive safe so you and all others around will feel happy.

Silly days are over

My old basketball board where I sometimes  used to spend my evenings. Pity but these days are over and often I catch myself thinking about things that only elder people think about, I catch myself trying to avoid making out with my friends till the very morning and even getting to bed at the right time.  Anyway, probably all of us will face this moment one day, the moment when you realize that you're not a youngster anymore. I hope that this new beginning will prove itself and one day I'll get a return for what I'm missing today.